10 Best Reasons to Invest In Cambodia

10 Best Reasons to Invest In Cambodia

1. Tax Holiday:

up to 9 years for QIP investment (Qualified Investment Project)

2. 20% Corporate Tax:

standard rate of tax on profit for legal persons with minimal restrictions on profit transfers to designated location (s)

3. Low Labor Cost:

Average monthly salary $150usd compared with $350usd $450usd in the region

4. 10% VAT:

suspended on import/export VAT for equipment, machinery, construction & raw materials for processing

5. 10% DUTY FREE:

on import equipment, machinery, construction and raw materials

6. 100% Foreign Business Ownership:

foreign investors can own 100% of the business, except land

7. GDP:

outperformed most of its regional counterparts in the past years

8. LDC:

Minimal or no restrictions on import duties/taxes (Least Developed Country)

9. Unsaturated Market:

a “Blank Canvas” investment opportunities, mainly in the manufacturing/food processing sector

10. Centralized Location:

generally, you can fly to/from any major cities in Asia between 45minutes to 4.5 hours