The Customs Clearances

No. Service Description Unit Cost/Container (USD) Unit Cost/Document (USD)
1 Clearance Fee nil $200
2 1st Cargo Charges (Container Truck or Trailer) $95(*) nil
3 2nd Cargo Charges (Container Truck or Trailer) $65(*) nil
4 1st Cargo Truck or Trailer $45(*) nil
5 2nd Cargo Truck or Trailer $45(*) nil
(*) Cam-control and others

Note: Fees illustrated shall be charge according to type of goods and manufacturing facilities. Its varies from goods to goods, and manufacturing to manufacturing. Fees can be higher or lower. Processing Fees Formula (Fixed Cost + Processing Fee + Misc. Cost). Miscellaneous fees are reserved for various unknown charges including materials handling, expediting and storages, its subject to change without prior notice.

1. Country of Origin (CO)
From the Cambodian side, generally the Ministry of Commerce does not request for CO as part of the export documents unless, otherwise required by the importer’s customers. Its important for exporters to determine whether the CO is a mandatory requirement from the importer’s side.

2. Lead-Time For Customs Paperwork
Overall, it will take between 24-48 hours for customs paperwork to be complete. In most cases, it will take less than one working day, unless otherwise, the Processing activities are impacted by circumstances such as high volume of processing documents, national holidays, and/or weekends where key resources are limited.

3. Border’s Gate Hours of Operation
The hours of operations at the border’s gate are starting from 6:00 to 22:00 7 days per week, including national holidays.

4. Crossing Border Transportation
All deliveries from Thailand to SEZ in Cambodia do not need to switch to another mode of transportation when crossing into Cambodia’s soil. Simply, the goods can be delivered and dropped off at the zone without switching to another truck. In Poipet Thais trucks can go inside Cambodian soils up to 20km.