Our Special Economic Zone

Sanco Investment Group which operates and develops Poipet Special Economic Zone with approximately over 66ha is located in close proximity to vital and active economic trading gate between Cambodia and Thailand.

Our Competitive Advantages

Our Competitive Advantages
  1. Strategic Location (Close Proximity to various Thais Commercial Hubs)
  2. Flood Free Zone (53M above sea level)
  3. Labor Supply On Site
  4. Direct Shipment to SEZ (no need to switch to another truck when entering Cambodian soil)
  5. Border Gate Hours of Operations (6:00 to 22:00)
  6. High Concentration of Labor Forces (approximately 2,700,000 people living in surrounding areas)
  7. Low electricity cost(Cheapest in Cambodia)
  8. SEZ Scalability (ZONE can be expanded up to 500ha)

What is Special Economic Zone?

Special Economic Zone-abbreviated “SEZ” is a well defined geographical area rests inside a country or state which plays an important role in enhancing industrial manufacturing operations and export process and is entitled to specific government tax incentives and treatments for its investment in the zone. Basically, create a city within a city. May known as business park, industrial sector, commercial hub in other parts of the world, except it varies in terms of tax incentives and regulations

LOGIC OF SEZ: to effectively consolidate , control and optimize the industrial sector in terms of its logistics efficiency, convenience, environmentally controllable, export stimulation and job creations. SEZ focuses on vertical integrated infrastructure (Vii) which captures the essence of:

  1. Industrial Facilities-factory, warehouse, container terminal,
  2. Commercial Hubs-shopping malls, recreational areas i.e., fitness centers, golf driving range
  3. Residential Areas-townhome, condos, villas , parks & playgrounds
  4. Public Institutions-school, hospital and government agency primarily “customs office”
  5. Essential Infrastructure-water/electricity supplies, sewage, waste-control system